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Three Phase / Commercial

Commercial Units: For Businesses or Properties with 3 phase electric

Dimensions: 10x10x6

3 Phase units are for properties with 3 phase electricity such as:

  • Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Or Any Property with 3 phase Electric
  1. Units come blank without our sticker (unless you request green sticker when checking out)
  2. Upon Ordering, you will receive your 20 Year Warranty Card, Installation Instructions, & Flex Hose with fitting.
  3. FREE UPS Ground Shipping within the continental US.
  4. Fast Delivery! We Ship Within 24 hours of payment receipt Monday-Friday.
  5. All units are UL & CuL listed for safety. Link: (USA) / (Canada)

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$250 for 3200 Model

Discount Bulk Pricing Options w/in USA (outside USA-email us)

$300 for 3400 Model

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