Power Save 1200

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Power Save 1200

Our Power Save 1200 is American designed and proudly manufactured in the USA.

Power Save 1200

The purpose of our Power Saver 1200 box is to help your home or business become more energy efficient. By helping the motor driven appliances in your home (such as your air conditioner, washer/dryer, pool pump, etc.) become more energy efficient, we can help you reduce your electricity bills up to 25%!

Energystar.gov recently reported that 40-60% of your power bill comes from cooling & heating your home. By focusing on making those expensive motors/appliances in your home as energy efficient as possible, you can save money on your utility bills every month.

Another benefit of installing these power or electricity saving devices, is that by making your appliances run cooler, they also extend their life. That’s an added savings to your bottom line as well.

By it’s design, the product not only reduces your kilowatt usage, but also protects your home or business from powerful surges and brownouts. Don’t come home from work to find your refrigerator died from a power surge! Protect your home or business with this proven electric power saver device. We guarantee results or your money back for a full year!




The Power Save 1200 works by recycling otherwise wasted…
Power Save 1200 How Does It Work

Stop Suffering from High Power Bills!

Lower your power bill today and start saving $20, $40, possible $50 Every month.

You deserve to spend more of your hard earned money on you. Plus you can protect your home from power surges while doing it.

Power Saver 1200